Perhaps I shall show up at CBP tonight Naked

Well, it would be something anyway. I guess that I should plan this out better though. They wouldn’t let me in the gates naked. So, ok, I’ll come in fully clothed, go to the ladies room and then disrobe. Knowing my fate in life though I’d walk around naked and nobody would notice me. I can stand naked next to my husband and he wouldn’t notice me. Perhaps though I could cause such a frightening scene that would distract and scare the players right out of their funk.” Look away, look away. I’m hideous” or ” Yama Hama, It’s fright night” to quote some “Seinfeld at ya.! Believe me, nobody wants to see this body without clothes. Ok… so I jest! Just trying to lighten the mood and figure out a way to get the offense hitting again. It’s stumped many a mind including poor Charlie Manuels. Here’s his statement from today’s Inquirer article about last night’s game.. “I don’t know what to say, really, if you want to know the truth. I want us to come out, have fun, hit balls and score runs like we know we can. It’s not happening.”

What a waste of a beauty thrown by Hamels last night too!  He looked great for 7 solid innings but then the unthinkable happened and the Padres hit two homers back to back. This team is not noted for being a homer hitting team said the announcers last night. Well, the joke was on the Phils.

What was really disappointing and frustrating to me was that the Phils started out in the first inning with back to back hits from Victorino and Polanco. I thought that it was going to be a good night. Utley flies out. Check. Howard walks and loads the bases and then what happens? Werth hits into a double play for the Padres much to his utter disgust.That was the start of a lifeless offense.

Until the 9th, when Polly gets a hit and lands on base after a Victorino out. Utley flies out. Check. Howards hits a double to score Polanco . Werth, once again, finds himself in the position of doing something majorly for his team and the game but then strikes out. Splat!

Phils lose 3-1. At least it wasn’t a shut out.

So for all you wondering minds, I will be going to game fully dressed in my Werth jersey because I believe in Jayson first and foremost and I believe in the Phils. I’m a loyal fan and fully committed in my support for them. They haven’t been very entertaining lately but, well, I’m expecting big things from them anyway.. If only I can convey this message to them in some fashion. I’m just one female Phils fan amongst many others though.  Just a face in the crowd praying for good things to happen!


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