Well, what’s to say

I’m sitting here this morning and I’m wondering what to say about yesterday’s game. The Phils had their chances to win that game but the mighty fell short. Seems there’s been a lot of that lately. Stats on the “meat of the team” were not good. Utley 1 for 5, Howard 2 for 6, Werth 0 for 5 and Ibanez 0 for 4. Ugh!

Blanton struggled for 5 innings.

Phils had a great second with 4 runs batted in forcing the Padres pitcher from the game but then went somewhat flat not being able to score runs in innings where they had the opportunity to.

In the bright side, Polanco had a great day going 3 for 5. He took a risk of stealing 3rd base in the 10th and failed but agressiveness is better then doing nothing as he stated. I happen to agree. Manuel said he used bad judgement (eh!) but he was trying to make something happen. Regardless, it was great to see Polanco back in the game and contributing. Catcher, Schneider, also went 2 for 4 . I was happy to see that Lidge also had another good 9th inning. Keep it up, Brad!.

Not such a great game for my favs Werth, Blanton and Ibanez which pains me greatly There goes my “fantasy team”. . When they hurt, I hurt for sure not to mention the razzing I took from the men in my house. Alas, today is a new day and tonight a new game.

Phils lose 6-5



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