Lidge looked mighty Good!

How ’bout that game last night? I’m going to say it wasn’t too shabby. Sure, the Phis are still not where they should be offensively but we won the game anyway. Think the wave is coming in very slowly.

Hallaway pitched well and held on for 7 innings. You didn’t think he was going to pitch another perfect game did you? Sure, that was all in the back of our minds and we would have loved to seen that. It didn’t happen and that’s ok. He did help the cause but getting the first hit of the game followed by Victorino’s sweet homerun to take the lead 2-1.

The Padres followed by gettting another run and tied the game. It was Jayson Werth’s walked that brought in the go ahead run with the bases loaded and we were back on top 3-2.

Contreras had trouble in the 8th inning and Romero was brought in to finish that one.

Big news of the night was Brad Lidge. He pitched a great 9th inning. So happy to see him in such good shape. He looked razor sharp. He saved the game and the win for Halladay.

Phils win 3-2. Yeah!


How’ bout Matt Stairs? He dropped 35 pounds and looks lean. Glad to see him at CBP again.


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