I’m a Phillies addict

Hi, my name is Barb. I’m a Phillies addict. There, I admit it. That’s the first step isn’t it? I got up extra early this morning . to read just anything I could about this Phillies slump/ funk. I read what Manuel said. I read what Thompson said. I read what all the Phillies sports writers wrote. I got nothing. I guess the real answer lies in each and every players hearts and minds. My dad always told me that there’s a mental aspect to every sport. I can attest to that. I was a league bowler for many years. I bowled in grade school and high school. I later returned to the lanes when I first got married and bowled for 15 years so I know a little bit about playing as an individual as well as part of a team. There’s a  key element to the game and that’s what goes on inside the head. It can hurt or help you. You can develop a kink in your usual performance that you can’t seem to break. It can also get you out of it as well.

So, you can pour over all the stats and all the video replays trying to decifer where you’re going wrong and you’re never going to find the answers. Why? The answer is that it’s in each individual heart and mind that the answer lies. Each player must sit down with themself in stillness and listen to what their  heart tells them.That’ is where their spirit and source lies. How ’bout that Manuel? How about bringing in a trained meditation guide to help the players find the answer to their woes? Is that a crazy concept?

Until the players can get it right inside their souls what’s ailing them, they’re still going to give weak performances.

I have speculations of my own as to why this malaise is existing. Offering Howard ( no matter how much he deserves it) a mind-blowing early contract extension  can mess with the other players ego including Utley .He’s probably scratching is head wondering why his contract isn’t as lucrative. Aren’t I just as valuable to the team he asks himself, Leaving Werth hanging over his contract renewal doesn’t help him as well.  Can you imagine having that hanging over your head? That can mess with a man especially one who really wants to remain part of this team. He can dismiss it and say it’s business but who’s he really kidding. Love ya, Jayson, but come on and be honest with yourself.

All this is pure speculation on my part but you must admit that there’s a hint of truth to what I say.

Until the Phils can come out of this funk, I’m just a puzzled and dumbfounded as the rest of the Phillies fans.  I still say though to have the players look inside themselves and start to find their answers. It couldn’t hurt.


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