Is that black cloud still hovering over the Phils?

 Come on,enough is enough! Mother Nature is against the Phils as well? Hamels goes out to the mound, pitches into a 3 run homerun and then the umps call a rain delay? About an hour later, the game resumes and Durbin takes Hamels place on the mound. We discover later that the Braves didn’t pull their pitcher but the Phils now must use all the bullpen to play the game? You got to be freakin’ kidding me! Even luck and mother nature are playing their part in the Phils demise. Ugh! I must admit that I was plenty pissed watching that game last night. Throw in a few Phillies errors and you got a debackle of a game.

Highlights though and signs that the Phils are powering through were there. Utley hits a double followed by a Howard homerun. Now that was refreshing to see.Ruiz added his hits to the highlights. Then there was Werth’s double that was hit “violently” as Howard described it. Following that the bases are loaded by the Phils in the 9th and we just might have a chance to tack on more runs and maybe even win. Alas, though, it was not meant to be. It’s always a good sign when the Phils threaten in the 9th. It means they’re not giving up or giving in.

Phils lose 7-3. Hopefully, the tides and their luck are changing? It’s gonna happen and when it does it’s gonna be big!


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