Misssing Ingredients

So, what’s missing in the Phils clubhouse beside Rollins? I’m going to answer that from my female perspective and say “feminine energy”. Ok, guys, you can scoff at me and tell me I’m such a woman but I think I’m on to something. Let me explain.

First and foremost, they need some nuturing which can only be supplied by a female. Women, for the most part, have an inate ability to comfort and support. Think back to when you were a small child and were hurt. Who did you run to? Most of you went to your mother or mother figure in your life. They would give you a hug and then fix what hurt. They would make it all better and encourage you to move along. I think most Phils could use a little nuturing these days.

Secondly, they need to raise their vibrational level. They need to reach into their source and be positive. Feminine energy is a perfect source for that. Male energy for the most part is analytical. It looks at things objectively to fix things. Female energy talks things out. They explore their source, their feelings, and change things from that approach.I know there isn’t anything physically wrong with the Phils. The talent is still there. It’s their mindset that is ailing. Raise their vibrational level and you will fix their mindset.They’ll start believing again and that always has good results.

You need a woman to help you out, Phils. I’ll gladly volunteer. Perhaps it’s time to bring the Phillie wifes/significant others to bring their presense into the clubhouse for some female support.  Why not give it a try? It couldn’t hurt.

There’s also always humor to fix what ails you as well. Laughter is always good. It lets you take things less seriously and change attitudes. Incorporate a joke of the day into your routine. There’s always something to laugh about. Perhaps this entry could supply that laughter? Go ‘head– be my guest!


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