A Whole Lot of Frustration

Did you look into the faces of the Phils lately? There’s a whole lot of frustration written in them. Dejection and a smoldering anger lies within each of them. They’re in pure hell. It’s sad to see. You just want to give each of them a hug and tell them that things will look up. If you keep on looking though you will see perserverance. I watched Victorino’s face and I saw after getting out that he was trying to shake it off and was not giving up. I saw determination in Ibanez’s face every time that he batted. It’s there.

So, yesterday’s game was eh. Blanton didn’t fare well and the Braves scored 6 runs from him as a result. Big Joe, say it ain’t so! Phils had some errors. Manuel got thrown out of the game getting very heated over a ump’s overturned decision that Dobb’s was hit with a pitch. Can’t blame him? You rarely see a ump’s call overturned. Didn’t look like Dobb’s was hit but still.Then later in the game, Valdez said the he was hit by a pitch but the ump didn’t call it. Valdez was upset  and took his frustration into the dugout afterwards.

The Phils had one redeeming inning where Ibanez,Ruiz, Valdez and Fransico hit consecutive doubles to score 3 runs. Perhaps this was the game that the Phils would turn it around?

Nope. Durbin comes into the game and with one pitch the Braves score 3 more.

Lidge came in for an inning and looked good.

So, Phils lose 9-3 and lose their spot in first place.


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