I missed seeing the PERFECT Game.

I was away this weekend in Maryland and we couldn’t get the Phillies games there. Of course, I missed the perfect game pitched by Halladay. What can I say? It couldn’t happen to a more deserving pitcher. We are lucky to have him on our team.

So, this funk is still hanging over the Phils, huh? What do you do when you’re in a funk.?  Shake things up a bit and go with not what’s comfortable but something completely different. I think that’s what Manuel is trying to do. It’s like a snow globe. Shake it up!

I’m bummed that Werth sat out of today’s game. Sometime we go through peaks and valleys in our professional lifes as well as personal. It stinks when you life feels like it’s in the crapper. All I do know is that Werth will come out of this. He’ll re-find his power and source.He’s just too good and way to talented. Power through, Jayson!


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