Hamels pitched well last night

Who’s tired of the endless stats thrown in our face about past slumps? I know I am. Who’s tired of the endless, montonous and negative commentary from the announcers and sports writer about this? I AM. For heaven’s sake, I ended up muting the sound on my tv last night because I couldn’t stand it any more. We have all experienced times in our every daily lifes where nothing seems to go right. Everything we try to do just doesn’t work. What did/ do we do? We just plow through until things are righted again, Negativity doesn’t serve any good purpose. When you feel bad, you perform badly. Negativity only draws more negativity. So, I’ll refrain here from my own modest blog from negativity and promise to look for the good things about the Phils thus my title to last night’s game.

Overall, Hamels pitched well. The Phillies defense looked well except for one blunder which I won’t refer to any more. Victorino had 3 hits.

Phils lose 3-0 which is not a bad final score. Enough said.


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