Well, there went another one

Seems like that black cloud that’s been hanging over the Phils head is still there. There were hits made but alas no runs resulted. Do you realize that there were 9 hits by the Phils on tuesday night and 7 last night but they couldn’t captalize on any of them? Yep, that’s how it went down.

Blanton held the Mets to 2 runs going into the 6th but in the sixth the Mets scored 3 more. The bullpen held the game together in the last innings with no runs by the Mets which was good. Unfortunately, The Phils couldn’t get a run to safe their lifes.

Phils lose 5-0

Here’s what Ibanes had to say about the Phils woes:

“Right now, we’re going through a tough time,” Raul Ibanez said. “The important thing is to keep fighting. Keep focused on the right things, on playing the game the right way and playing the game the way you’re capable of playing. It’s obviously a good team. Every once in a while, you get a gut check in this game. Everyone is going to go through it. Every team is going to go through it. It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up and keep fighting. And this is a team that has a lot of fight in it.” From ” Phillies woes in full effect in loss to Mets” by Todd Zolecki/ mlb.com 




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