Where do the fans fit in?

These last 3 losses have been deeply felt by the team I know but they’ve also been just as deeply felt by the fans. I’m talking about the “true-blue” fans who stick with the team through good and bad. The fans that didn’t shut the game off  last night and watched to the bitter end hoping against hope:yes, the fans that are committed. I’m one of them.

This brings me to my question. Where do the fans fit in? Are we considered an essential part of the Phillie organization?  Now, you are all going to answer this question yes. I mean, where would the team be without the fans. Right! What I’m questioning though is what part do we play? See where I’m going with this?

I sat there last night and was frustrated.— I mean, I was powerless to do anything. The Phils couldn’t hear me cheer them on through the cable lines. I wasn’t there physically in that park and I couldn’t join in the game and get some runs for them. Hell, I can’t play baseball anyway! All I could do is send out some good vibes and pray which is what I did. I will continue to do so.

See, that’s where the fans fit in. They provide the spirit which provides the drive. Sure, all the players have their own personal drive to succeed. They have the God-given talent to play professional baseball. The fans provide the extra spirit which encourages and spurs the players on to win. Nobody wants to disappoint the fans I’m sure,

So, keep on cheering your team on Phillies fans. Don’t give up. Keep some good thoughts. Don’t be critical, negative or nasty. That doesn’t help at all. Believe! It’s’ worked in the past. That’s what  we are intended to do to be part of the team. 

Now, go on out and cheer! I can’t hear you…. louder!! ” We are the Phillies. We can’t be any prouder. Stand up and cheer. C’mon, let’s get alittle louder” Go Phils!!” Yep, that’s better!


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