So Freakin’ Frustrating!

You could just feel that something was missing last night when the Phils took the field. The snap, the crakle and the pop just didn’t exist! I know I’m right because Manuel confirmed it in a interview. When the guys are flatline, well, they can’t win a game. You wonder?

Moyer didn’t pitch great. The offense couldn’t get a run to save their life. It just wasn’t happening. Inning after inning I watched hoping this was going to be a Phillie inning where the hits were coming through. Ack! That inning never came.

C’mon, guys, get it together! Snap out of the malaise. It’s the Mets. You know how we love when you beat them. Give us a game tonight.

Rollins will be back soon. Until then, you still have a great and talented lineup. You’re lucky to have someone that can fill in for Rollins and do it well.

Until then, I’m sending out some requests for “Angels In The Outfield” and Angels surrounding the Phillie Team. You can always use some “heavenly assistance”.

Phils lose 8-0. Rut-roh!


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