Observations about Jayson Werth and players mindset

Is it just me or has Werth seemed off balance in his hitting stance as of late? I’ve seen him fall to his one knee at times after his swing and he’s been hit with the ball off his bat in the foot and lower leg area a few times lately.. Last night, he feel to the ground. He’s got long legs for sure and maybe it’s something that I’m just picking up on lately. Hmm? Maybe it’s just a kink in his rhythmn and follow through. I remember I use to pick up a kink or two in my follow through when I bowled and it took me awhile to iron them out. Sometime I thought about it way too much and I’d have to clear my head and just throw the ball. That’s just my observations.

Part of playing any sport involves what’s going on inside of your head as well as your body. At times, a player can be so in the zone and concentrated solely on the game and that produces some very good results. Roy Halladay gets into the “zone” quite effectively. Other times a player’s head is somewhere else, alas the old saying “Your head isn’t in the game” and their performance is effected by that.

All of these things factor into a players performance.




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