Kendrick settles in to get the win

Wow, the first pitch that Kendrick threw resulted in a homerun by the Pirates and they were up 1-0 just like that. Fans booed Kyle but, guess what, he didn’t let it rattle him and he went on to threw 8 innings to an eventual win. Good job, Kyle. He looked good.

How great was it to see Rollins and Ruiz back in the game? Both looked good and did well. Glad to see that. It’s like all is right in Phillie Land. Well, except for Utley who wasn’t in the game because of “flu like symptoms”. Feel better soon, Chase!

Now, the key hits of the game which were many. First, Jayson Werth’s 3 run homerun. Baby, was that smokin’ . That gave us a 6 to 1 lead at that point. Jayson got himself another — you guessed it— double to help the cause further into the game. Three woman were sitting in the stands last nigh with beards on. It was funny! Just how dedicated are those fans of his? It reminded me of “The Wolfpack” from the days that Randy Wolf pitched for the Phils. In the 8th inning, though, Werth got shot with a ball in the “ankle” area and was taken out of the game in the 9th. It seems that he’s okay though from everything that I read this morning.

Then, Howard hits a grand slam. Wow was that great to see him do that. Howard had some other hits , one a single, to help the cause as well.

So, another win for the Phils and what a win with a final score of 12-2. Thanks in part also goes to Romero who got us of the 9th in great fashion. Heard he geared himself for that and it payed off.


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