Retro Night IN Milwalkee

It was retro night at last night’s game and , man, those uniforms brought back memories. That’ was a cool uniform and our current Phils looked totally smokin’ hot wearing them.

Now, let’s talk about the game. Moyer looked strong and was holding his own. Sure he gave up three homers to the Brewers but he made adjustments to his pitch and settled down into a good game.

How’ bout that Howard Homer? Glad to see that again. Utley seemed a little out of last night’s game but he hit a homer so what’s to complain about that?

Victorino was the man last night. I’m lovin him being lead-off hitter. I know the job wil go back to Rollins on his return but Vic seems committed to wherever he finds himself in the lineup.

Valdez had a great night as well. Glad to see him hitting.

Final score- 9 to 5.. Another Phantastic Phils Win!

C’mon, Ruben. Please re-sign Jayson Werth. It’s like a black cloud hangin over the team.


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